Rabbi Zippel and Project HEART saved my life and my Jewish identity. No matter the difficulty, I can always count on Rabbi Zippel to be there to help me through anything, even now, more than a year after I left treatment. For a bit, I was resentful towards my Judaism and everything that came with it, because I saw it all as black and white. When I was in wilderness, I was given soup and told it was Kosher, only later to find out that it was chicken soup with cheese in it. I wrote a letter to Rabbi Zippel and he responded right away with a message that I still remember. He explained that it isn't black and white. Just because I ate chicken soup with cheese, doesn't mean I am no longer a Jew or that Hashem doesn't love me. Rabbi compared my chicken soup incident to a vaccine. He explained how a vaccine is actually a tiny amount of the disease itself and how it is given in order to awaken the antibodies to fight the disease. He explained how this "disease" of the traif chicken soup was given to me so that my body could reject it and fight back for my Yidishkeit stronger than ever. Around Chanukkah time, I was really struggling with all my emotions and just felt like i'd never be okay again and that I'd remain sick. Rabbi Zippel explained the significance of the Pure Olive Oil. Olive oil was the only thing worthy enough to be lit in the Beit Hamikdash. The olive oil was pure, but only after it was squeezed and pressed. As much as I felt like I was being crushed, this low point was exactly what was going to get me back to the pure me, the real me, and it did! Rabbi Zippel has showed me the hashgacha pratit that occurs in my everyday life and how present hakadosh baruch hu is, if you want him to be there. After leaving my residential treatment center, I went back home to my family, switched into a Yeshiva High School, and graduated with strait As, while helping many others with their classes, particularly the Judaic Studies. I will b'ezrat hashem be attending Seminary in Yerushalayim next year and will of course maintain my relationship with Rabbi Zippel. Rabbi Zippel, I so much look forward to our weekly pre-shabbos phone calls. Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for both my family and me.