Q: I want to buy a ticket, what are the differences between the 2 types?

A: A General Admission ticket will get you inside the building, and into the Macabee's Cave where we will all be celebrating that night. Your ticket will say "SRO" on it, because as far as the Arena is concerned, you don't actually have a chair that belongs to you (SRO - Standing Room Only). But, fear not! You will NOT be standing for the entire night! Throughout the various rooms we'll have, all of which you will have access to, there will be more than enough chairs for you to sit down, relax, meet some friends, enjoy a drink, and watch the game!

SkyBox Seating ticket, is the same as an Arena Seating ticket, just with a significantly better seat. The SkyBox Seats are along the long baseline, and the chairs are a little comfier. If you're serious about being a fan, this is the choice for you! Of course, you'll also have access to all the spaces in the Macabee's Cave!

Q: So tell me more about the Macabee's Cave! Are the specific places for people to be based on their ticket?

A: NO! This year, we've placed a tremendous focus on commUNITY, and we've set it up so everyone can hang out everywhere. We'll have a ton of space in the Macabee's Cave, and so long as you've got a ticket for that night, you can hang out wherever you want, with whomever you want!

Q: This is awesome! So we get to hang out all night with the community, and take in an amazing Jazz game?

A: You do! And there's one more treat! Midway through the second quarter, we'll all be moving downstairs, to the Main Concourse, on the AFCU Porch, to witness the Menorah Lighting in person. Join the crowd and come on down, you don't want to miss this!

Also, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - a ticket to Jewish Heritage Night gets you access to the pre-game on court warm-ups, even before the doors to the building open to the general public. If you reserve in advance, you can get into the Arena at 5 PM, and watch the players go through warm-ups from right up close in the Lower Bowl. Just make sure to check the box on your Reservation form!

Q: Last question - how do I buy tickets? I want to bring my whole family!

A: Good call, I thought you'd never ask! Click HERE!