Help Chabad Help Others

Spreading the light of Judaism throughout Utah is always a costly endeavor. Although we do charge for some programs, some of the participants cannot afford to pay, and we do not charge a steady membership fee. We rely for the most part on your charitable contributions, which are tax-free. Please choose from one of the following methods of sponsorship, and contact us by phone at (801) 467-7777 or email at [email protected]

Pushka (Charity box)
Our decorated round charity box will be an additional adornment for your home, and every coin or bill inserted will be a Mitzvah to your credit. We will mail you a Pushka on request, and when full, you may either drop off the Pushka or mail us a check for the amount in the Pushka.

Donations Your tax-deductible contribution to Chabad-Lubavitch of Utah will enable us to continue our efforts toward strengthening Jewish pride and awareness in our region, and toward bolstering our Jewish infrastructure. Chabad is always there for our people. Please open your heart and be a partner in our efforts.

You may request a postage-paid envelope by calling us. The following designations will be given: $1800 Pillar, $1000 Benefactor, $360 Patron, $100 Supporter, $50 Friend, $18 Chai. You may also designate any other amount. We accept cash, checks and credit cards, and can help you set up a monthly donation system to support our efforts.

They're counting on you... Melissa is counting. She's only six years old, but already looking forward to next year's Camp Gan Israel. She doesn't get many new toys since her father left the family, but she will always get a fantastic and fun-filled summer... Adam is counting. He's looking for meaning in his life, and always looks forward to attending Holiday programs, and sharpening his mind on Jewish texts at the Jewish Learning Institute...  David is counting. He enjoys the warm teachings every Sunday at Talmud Torah Hebrew School, and thrives on the attention of his teachers and peers...

You can help us make their dreams a reality through a direct scholarship.

Please select your scholarship from the list below, and contact us to arrange for your donation.